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From the Council of Europe about the Scandinavian Routes of Saint Olav:
"Formally awarded certification as a "Cultural Route of the Council of Europe" in May 2010"

Information in English

Cammini d´Europa
Catalog for 2013

Pilgrimstid, pages 34-35
Pilgrimstid cooperates with many different organizations, who are responsible for the pilgrimages.

The routes from the Swedish east coast are routes of Saint Olav, king of Norway, killed 1030 AD.

You are welcome to contact us for information about the pilgrim routes and organized pilgrimages on foot or on horseback within Sweden.

The first stages through Hälsingland are quite easy, but we strongly advise that you contact us for information about the routes before starting your pilgrimage. Some parts of the routes can be quite challenging at times, since they pass through extended stretches of wilderness and over mountain passes, where weather conditions are prone to sudden change.

Walking on Snowshoes 2015, contact 

A 3 days walking tour
 along the pilgrim route

We invite you to do your pilgrimage with Pilgrimstid in Northern Sweden!!
Information about one example from the current program on routes in Northern Sweden or

Pilgrimstid, member of the Swedish Fellowship "Pilgrim in Sweden" Pilgrim i Sverige


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